Will Rogers World Airport offers a wide range of transportation means available for those coming to or from the airport.

Bus rides are provided by several companies operating in Oklahoma.

Red Carpet serves rides for military recruits solely. The buses run from the airport to the Ft. Sill Reception Center Monday through Friday. Those buses ride at a particular time: 18:30, 20:30, and 22:30.

Soldier Express Bus provides rides to AIT personnel to and from the airport for training purposes.

Village Tours mainly provides rides from one military base to another, however, may serve trips to and from the airport from time to time.

Greyhound Bus offers rides from and to the airport for all passengers. Its bus station is located east of Oklahoma downtown.

Taxis are departing from the Transportation Plaza located near the baggage claim area on the ground level of the airport. The taxis are operating from ‘TNC Pick Up' area located on the upper level of the west side of the terminal building. The companies serving rides from and to the airport are Uber and Lyft . Limousine rides might be purchased in advance from the individual agencies.