Will Rogers World Airport advises the passengers to arrive at the airport before the flight to go through the checking and security processes without a rush. If the expected flight is the domestic one, the airport advises coming about 1 hour in advance (at least). However, if the flight is international and is going outside of the United States borders, the advised arrival time to the airport is at least 2 hours in advance.

Once going through the security control, the passenger will be asked to provide a printed boarding pass. While checking in the luggage, the one shall keep in mind that there are specific requirements regarding the luggage size and its contents. As for the 3-1-1 regulation, the passengers are allowed to travel with a 3.4 oz bottle, one quart-sized clear plastic bag, and carry one bag. 

The flights departing from Will Rogers World Airport are aimed to Seattle, Orlando, San Antonio, Baltimore, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Phoenix, etc.