There are three Parking Garages available on the territory of the airport. Thus, Garage A has two levels and provides a parking space for a short-term visitor on its upper level, and the lower level is dedicated to the ‘ready-return' parking space for the car rental agencies only. Garage B , located near to Garage A, is a five-level building, it provides parking space for the passengers and visitors of the airport. The fee for the parking is $9.00 per the whole day. Garage C, which was constructed in 2009, is the newest of all and offers parking spaces for those coming or leaving the airport. The first two parking garages will undergo the reconstruction due to the deterioration of the buildings and their equipment.

The airport offers several Parking Lots located in front of the terminal building. Lot #1 , which is considered the Remote Shuttle Parking, is located a few blocks from the airport. The shuttle buses continuously run between that parking area and the terminal. The fee for parking is $5.00 per day.

Lot #2 , also known as the Shuttle Parking, is located in proximity to the parking garage. The shuttle buses still provide rides from the parking lot to the ticketing area of the airport. The fee for parking is $6.00 per day.

Lot #3 , or the Semi-Covered Shuttle Parking, is located on 67th Street, west of the parking garage. There is a certain high limit, which is 10 feet. The shuttle buses are picking up and dropping off passengers from the parking lot to the airport and vice versa. The fee for parking is $7.00 per day.

The Hourly Parking , located on the second floor of Garage B, offers parking space for those leaving the car for a short period. Thus, parking for the first hour is free, $1.00 per an additional 24 hours, and $24.00 every other day after that.

The Cell Phone Lot , located north of the Control Tower, allows the visitors of the airport to leave the car at the parking space and wait until the arrival of the flight.